The Happy Cow food truck. Image was taken of an old UTZ snack truck and I transformed it to become the new truck for all you vegetarian food needs!
The Happy Cow Stationary Package. Simple and effective. The business card contains a small menu that slides out. A mobile restaurantneeds a mobile menu.
The stationary along with the collapsible fridge magnet. You can also see the menu (beside the envelope) that comes with the business card.
The collapsible fridge magnet menu. A creative way to keep your brand and menu in everyone's kitchen. Store the magnet in the folded position (left) for a cleaner look on your fridge. When it's time to see the menu, simply pull the topĀ  part down and a menu appears before your very eyes! Magic!
The Happy Cow cup and burger box. What child wouldn't want to eat at The Happy Cow after seeing their friends playing with this awesome hand puppet burger box.
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