Dawn of the Dead DVD cover re-make

This was a school project. I had to recreate an existing movie's DVD package. I chose Dawn of the Dead, one of my favorite movies. I was very happy with the turn out.

These are the pieces that I used to create my new cover for Dawn of the Dead. The first pic is of my own hand. I smeared a mixture of different household elements including chocolate syrup and paint on my arm to get the blood affect. I scratched down my arm to get the scratch marks. The lettering is done with red finger paint. For the title, I separated the letters and put them into position. The concrete, drain cap, and yellow line are from pictures that I took in the backroom of a grocery store. I used these three to create the background for the cover.
Using the Magic of Photoshop, I transformed the picture of my hand into this beautiful piece of art.
All the elements put together to form my DVD cover. The 3 pictures on the Back are not mine. They are from Google searches.
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